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Macedonia's Defense Minister Vlado Buckovski (L) and Foreign Minister Ilinka Mitreva listen to journalists' questions at a news conference August 7, 2001 at the Macedonian peace talks in Ohrid. Macedonian peace talks got back on track, with hopes of a deal within hours despite the killings of five alleged ethnic Albanian rebels by police in the capital and clashes in the northwest. (Ognen Teofilovski/Reuters)


The press take pictures of the seized wepons from Albanian guerrillas in an early morning operation in the suburbs of Macedonian capital Skopje on August 7, 2001. Macedonian police killed five ethnic Albanian guerillas in Skopje early Tuesday and seized illegal weapons in a raid intended to prevent "terrorist activities", the interior minister Ljube Boskovski said in a statement. REUTERS/Oleg Popov

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