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Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha arrived in Borovets in sportswear, but he changed into formal wear, before entering the hall of the "Olympus: hotel. There, the NMS future was decided by vote. Photo Marina Angelova.

Caspian Oil May Bypass Bulgaria.


Russia stipulated new terms on building Bourgas - Alexandroupolis pipe-line.

Russia played the oil-trump again thus jeopardizing construction of Bourgas - Alexandroupolis oil-conduct. The pipe-line project may be frustrated since the Russian companies are not interested to agree that Bulgarian pipes are used in the oil-conduct, said building experts after the trilateral meeting of the working committee on the project, held in Sofia this weekend. So far the investment climate in Bulgaria is not attractive to the Russian companies, which will realize the project, it transpired after the meeting. The Russian partners in the trilateral project unequivocally declared that even if finally the pipe-lines to Alexandroupolis are to be build, the project will be implemented only by Russian companies. The Bulgarian experts who took part in the forum stressed that all oil-conducts in Russia were already privatized, but the private owners demand preferential tariffs and economic stimuli for the oil companies. Bulgaria and Greece, however, insist on oil quantities, guaranteed by Russia.

Pavlina Zhivkova
Victoria Seraphimova

Europe requires an anti-terrorism law from us.


Another Definition of Groupings.

By the end of March the IM is to come out with a strategy against crime
The Interior Ministry is considering a strategy for struggle against crime to be ready by March 30, minister Georgi Petkanov said at the seminar in Borovets. 'We are ready with the chapter on struggle against corruption, we have complied it with the requirements of the European community', Petkanov said. He didn't specify the concrete measures envisaged in the program. The other priorities in it are the struggle against drug-trafficking, organized crime and terrorism. The introduction of amendments to the Penal Code are forthcoming because the present texts don't give a clear-cut definition of a criminal grouping, the minister explained. Work is already under way also on a law of struggle against terrorism on which the EU insists. It will also necessitate amendments to texts in the Penal Code. 'We are still waiting for the European community to give a definition of what terrorism is', Petkanov admitted.

Vasko Valchev

Chiefs of Special Services To Be Changed by New Year.


Elena Yaneva

Yesterday it became clear that chiefs of special services will be changed even before the end of Peter Stoyanov's mandate. There will be changes but now I can't say when and what, minister Petkanov pointed out. Things will be also necessarily coordinated with both Parvanov and Stoyanov, the minister underlined. He didn't commit himself with setting any deadlines but hinted that it might happen even before Christmas.


The UDF align themselves with Bakardzhiev.


UDF-Sofia Leader's Destiny to Be Decided Today in His Absence. UDF members from Pazardzhik support the parliamentarian, but fear the Class Mistress.

Elena Staridolska

Evgenii Bakardzhiev is not to attend the UDF National Council to be held today, sources from the UDF-Sofia said. He has been ill and keeping to bed from Friday on. He is taking antibiotics after suffering from infection. "Bakardzhiev is taking to heart the scandals within the party. His heart bleeds, for he has been working in the UDF for 12 years," his colleagues said. He is to say till end-week whether he will resign or not. In his absence Ekaterina Mihailova and Ivan Kostov are to see how many of the UDF structures support Bakardzhiev and how many do not, sources from the UDF headquarters maintain. The big organizations are disunited in their support for Bakardzhiev or Mihailova. The UDF organizations in Plovdiv, Kyustendil, Vidin, Rousse, Smolyan are staunch Kostov-ists. Sofia, Lom, Montana, Targovishte and Vratsa back up Bakardzhiev. In Pazardzhik he has the support of many UDF clubs, but they fear Mihailova. UDF members in Shoumen and Stara Zagora are hesitant.


Simeon - Leader of a Popular Party.


The decision was taken by voting in 'Borovets' on the explicit insistence of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

The NMS will be very promptly re-registered as a party. 'The NMS will be an electoral type popular party, it won't set up local structures of its own', stressed the chief of the parliamentary majority Plamen Panayotov. He said: 'It is out of the question that leader of the formation will be Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha'. The decision was adopted by voting on the explicit insistence of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The ballot took place in the congress hall of the 'Olympus' hotel in Borovets where the premier gathered all his MPs and ministers. The decision for the registration of the NMS under the Law of Political Parties was taken after a 4-hour-long discussion. The decision was announced before journalists by the chief of the NMS PG Plamen Panayotov. In his opinion, after its registration as a party the movement won't change its coalition policy. Associate Professor Panayotov has also stressed that the MFR is a partner of the NMS.


Property Litigation to Hamper Joint Ventures Sale Abroad.

INTERVIEW Standartnews; Lyubka Kachakova

Maintains Deputy-Minister of Economy Lyubka Kachakova.

- Mrs Kachakova, presently your colleague, Deputy-Minister Kaloyan Ninov, is on a visit to Russia. He will inspect the ventures of 'Bulgartabak' there. Is it clear how they are to be sold?

- The strategy envisages the holding to be purchased as a whole, these ventures are also included.

- Among the Russian companies there are also joint ventures. How will they be privatized?

- Yes, there are joint ventures in Russia. It's a matter of considering each case in particular, then the individual problems may be resolved. That's exactly why Deputy-Minister Ninov and Georgi Popov, director of 'Bulgartabak', are now in Russia. Grave problems exist there, accumulated in the past - about property, equipment, trade marks. So, the privatization won't be as easy as it was with the tobacco plants in Bulgaria.

- Does it mean, that these unresolved problems may delay the deal?

- No, I'm positive it won't be delayed. Simply, more joint efforts will be needed.

Nevena Mircheva
Victoria Seraphimova


Manchevski's Film Dust In Taiwan.


Skopje, 26 November (MIA) " Dust" continues with its successful Asian presentation at the film festival in Taipei, Taiwan.

Movie "Dust" had two projections during the festival and aroused great interest within the public, which interrupted the projection with burst of applauding on several occasions. The director was not present at the projection but he greeted the audience through a satellite link.

Mancevski was well known by Taiwans audience with his previous movie " Before the rain", awarded with "Golden Lion" at the Venice film festival, shearing the prize with Taiwans director Tsai Ming-liang, after receiving the award "Before the rain" was put on the regular program.

"Dust" presentation in Taiwan followed after its Tokyo premier, and the start of the European presentation in Italy, UK and Germany, as well as in other European countries throughout the world will begin year 2002.

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