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The bodies of the 12 missing Macedonians from Tetovo region according to the Interior Ministry information are buried in three separate graves near the village of Neprosteno, Tetovo region.

Ljube Boskovski, Interior Minister, said this at Sunday's meeting with the Public Prosector Stavre Dzikov, the representatives of the International red Cross Committee, the Hague Tribunal, the NATO, the OSCE and the EU.

At this first meeting with the international representatives for the case with the missed Macedonians, it has been agreed that Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecutor's Office at late for two days to bring decision to exhume the place where there are information that the bodies of the missing persons are buried. Macedonian side requested the exhumation to start Sunday, however the international representatives demanded time for additional consultations with their leaderships. They announced to demand experts that had worked on similar cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo to be sent in the country.

Interior Ministry information says that six bodies are buried in one of the graves, two in the second and four in the third. The Macedonian security forces do not directly secure the locations of the graves, but they monitor them from indirect closeness.

The bodies of the 12 missing Macedonians are buried in 3,5 to 4 meters deep grave. There is a big lump of soil above, where bones and skin of dead animals are thrown around. Parts of the bodies of the animals are put intentionally to stop the digging when realising that it is about bodies of dead animals. The bodies of the animals are covered with thick layer of soil and all similar locations are additionally covered up with fertilizer.

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