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A representation of an angel blowing into a horn in this ice sculpture is seen in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, Dec. 30, 2001. Ukrainian ice sculptors traditionally display their art at this time of year. (AP Photo/Viktor Pobedinsky)


An ice sculptor gives the final touches to a 2002 ice sculpture to mark the coming New Year in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2001. (AP Photo/Viktor Pobedinsky)

Macedonia: Terrorists open gunfire around Tetovo, Orthodox church damaged.


Tetovo, 30 December: Occasional shootings from infantry weapons can be heard on Sunday morning [30 December] in Tetovo region, MIA's correspondent reports.

The armed provocations of the Albanian terrorists were intensified during the night. According to police and army sources shots were registered from Tetovo Teke [Dervish lodge], state juvenile reformatory school, elementary school Kiril and Metodij, SEE [Southeast European] University, Drenovec 2 settlement, the central city area, the main post office, elementary school Bratstvo-Migjeni, and Nikola Tesla and Jordan Zlatanovski Streets.

Volleys of fire were also registered from Zelino, Tenovo, Celopek, Trebos, Palatica, Strimnica, Ozorniste, Neprosteno, Tearce, Glogji, Slatino, Prsovce, Odri, Neraste as well as from Dolno and Gorno Orasje.

In the past few days the Albanian terrorists caused new damages and devastation to the Orthodox cemeteries and St Nikola church in Dolna Lesnica village near Zelino, which dates from the 15th century and is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Tetovo region.

15 die in Macedonia cold spell.


SKOPJE: At least 15 people have died in an extreme cold spell in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, where electricity supplies have been disrupted and 10,000 sheep trapped in isolated areas could die for lack of fodder, according to reports.

Temperatures in some areas have plunged as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four degrees Fahrenheit), while the centre of the capital Skopje has been buried in snowfalls up to 60 centimetres (25 inches) with the number of car accidents tripling in the space of 10 days.

Whole areas of Skopje have been without electricity due to power failures caused by bad weather, reports said. The city power company has appealed to the public to use electricity sparingly, warning that selective power cuts might have to be introduced otherwise.

Dozens of isolated villages have been cut off from the outside world. Reports said some 10,000 sheep risked death due to lack of fodder, and farmers had urgently appealed to authorities for additional supplies.

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