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Increased Pressure For Discovering Of The Kidnapped Macedonians.


Skopje, December 24 (MIA) After the meeting he had with relatives of the kidnapped persons, Special European Union Envoy to Macedonia Allen Le Roy said on Monday that he increased the pressure on the Independent Commission for Kidnapped and Missing Persons to provide new evidences for the fate of the kidnapped civilians.

Le Roy had also asked from the leaders of the Albanian political parties to help in these activities.

Through NATO, Le Roy contacted with the former political leader of so-called NLA, Ali Ahmeti, as well as with self-appointed "Commander Leka", and he asked from OSCE and EU monitors to submit all information they have on the missing persons and to inform their families.

Le Roy denied that he met with Ahmeti in the village of Sipkovica.

Relatives of the 12 kidnapped Macedonians said they would remain in the building of the Macedonian Parliament until they receive information about their loved ones, who are missing for more than five months.

They said that so far they have had several meetings with President Boris Trajkovski.

Macedonia: Albanian rebel reportedly killed near Tetovo.

SRNA news agency, Bijeljina

Text of report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA

Tetovo, 24 December: One person was killed in the Tetovo village of Strimnica last night during an exchange of fire between members of the Albanian paramilitary ONA [National Liberation Army], police sources from Tetovo have confirmed to SRNA.

The relevant bodies are still investigating the identity of the killed person since no identification documents were found on the spot.

The Tetovo police said that the person killed in Strimnica had arrived from Skopje and a hand-held grenade was found in his car.

This is the third murder among the Albanian extremists since the beginning of this month.

NATO members based in Tetovo are also helping the investigation.

New Murder In Tetovo's Village Strimnica.

Reality Macedonia

Strimnica, Tetovo Area-Last night a body of murdered men was discovered in the village Strimnica near Tetovo. The body was in a car on the road to the nearest village Zelino. The victim aged about 30, was shot in a head.

The Police thinks that this is a case of fight between two criminal gangs because the victim had an unexploded hand grenade still in his hand. The identity of the third ethnic Albanian in Tetovo region is still unknown.

According the Police, the victim is a ethnic albanian age 31 called Kadi Badri. He was murded yesterday afternonn, but his body was discovered last night in a taxi car in Strimnica.

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